Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Sixteen

I'm currently working on a Drew Struzan style job and had to create some ink spatter brushes to help achieve the look. So here they are, six new brushes...enjoy!
Download from Mediafire- CW Spatter

CWahl Brushes Megapack- 60 brushes, one download!

For your convenience I've compiled all fifteen of my brushsets into one mega brushset in one easy download. The Word Balloons are included in the download as well.

Basically everything you see below from all the previous posts (Sets 1-15) is in one download, and instead of loading each individual brushset in Photoshop, this new set loads all 60 brushes at once! And yes, it's free! Enjoy and spread the word!

Download from Mediafire- CWahl Megapack

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Fifteen

One uneven hatching brush and three scumbling brushes.

Free Photoshop custom shapes- Word balloons

Something a little different. These aren't brushes but comic word balloon Photoshop paths to be used with the Custom Shape Tool. I made these a few years back but just recently remembered them and figured this was the best place to share.

They can be created at any size, height or width, then you can either stroke the path for the outline or convert the path to a selection and stroke it that way.

The only thing you'll have to do is place the balloon tail where you want it with the path tool or freehand, before or after stroking.

If anyone needs more specific instructions on using these let me know and I'll do a little step-by-step. Enjoy!

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Fourteen

The first three textures were created with ink washes on a wet surface. The fourth was made by sprinkling graphite dust on a wet glue surface, then shaking off the excess.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Thirteen

These were brush textures made with watered down ink.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Twelve

A few more brushes. The first one works well as a comic style light flash. The other three are useful texture brushes.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Eleven

The first brush of this set is an attempt at an alternative to the bland airbrush soft round brush in Photoshop. Something with a bit more grit and character. The second and third are pencil and ink on very textured canvas paper. The fourth brush is felt tip pen dots, great for more uniform spatter effects (skin pores, freckles etc). Enjoy!

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Ten

Three paint texture brushes and a straight hatching brush (You can change the angle of this brush in the 'Brush Tip Shape' window in the Brush Presets)

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Nine

Four paint texture brushes.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Eight

Three inkwash brushes and a stray hairs brush.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Seven

Four Brush and ink brushes.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Six

Three ink brushes and another pencil shader.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Five

Four more pencil shading brushes.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Four

Four brushes based on inky fingerprints.

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Three

Four more brushes. Another pen hatching brush, a pencil crosshatching, a rocky texture and another pencil hatching brush. Enjoy!

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set Two

Here are some more Photoshop Brush experiments. I forgot to mention that the base for all the brushes I'll be posting here are hand drawn. No brushes from photo textures etc, just so I can try and bring something unique to the table.

In this set we have some pencil hatching, a paint texture, spattering and a fur texture. Hopefully these can be of use to someone out there.

Instructions on how to install these can be found in the first post. Have fun!

Free custom Photoshop brushes- Set One

I've been experimenting a lot lately with Photoshop's custom brushes and I figured, why not share them. I'll be posting my experiments, and I'll provide links for you to download the Photoshop brush files so you can try them out yourself.

Once you download the brushes file, there are two ways you can load them in Photoshop. One is to access them through the Brush menu. When you choose the brush tool go to the brush pull-down menu, press the arrow on the top right and select 'Load Brushes'. Then locate my brushes file and the brushes will appear in your brush thumbnails.

The second way to load them, is to put the file into your Presets/Brushes folder in the Photoshop application. Then once again, go to the brush pull-down menu, press the arrow and the brushset will be listed at the bottom. These were designed to work best in Photoshop CS4 but they should work in previous versions as well.

Here's my first set. Four brushes- crosshatching, oil paint, hair and foliage. Below are some of the results you can achieve with these brushes.

Note- These brushes are free to use for whatever artistic purpose you wish, be it personal or professional artworks. Just don't go repackaging and selling the brushes (not that any of you nice folk would). Besides that, they're all yours. Enjoy!